Blue Christmas


The City of Toronto decks out many of its neighbourhoods and squares with large light displays every year. The city also offers bus tours — one of the east end and one of the west end — to view the “cavalcade of lights.” It’s a hop-on/hop-off arrangement, to encourage riders to hop and shop.
This blue tree is in Dundas Square and part of the light display near the Eaton Centre.

Me, I’m not so crazy about the background of Dundas Square, so I (admittedly crudely) PhotoShopped most of it out.
As messy and noisy and commercial as the background of Dundas Square is here, if I’d shot the blue tree from the other side, the tree would be overwhelmed by a ginormous advertising tower on the opposite corner. I’ll try to get a shot from that angle some time this weekend, braving the fierce winter storm that is swirling about us even as I speak.

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