There goes the neighbourhood (part 2)


On Saturday, the backhoe landed with much noise, arriving as it did on a flatbed. There was a great cacaphonous chorus of backing-up beeping announcing its arrival—which was actually a help, I suppose, as it was the signal for me to get my camera.

Here you can kind of see that the front door has been removed, possibly sold to an architectural salvage firm. This view adds to the eeriness, though, because the interior stairs, bannister and railing make it so clear that someone lived here relatively recently.
On Monday morning, the garage was levelled and the upper right part of the house had been demolished.
I fully expected to find only an empty lot when I arrived home from work on Tuesday, but there’s still a bit left—probably because piles of brick and whatnot had to be carted off before any more could be torn down. So if I get up early on Wednesday, I’ll have another picture of the last bits of this house.

One thought on “There goes the neighbourhood (part 2)

  1. What a stupid waste, thehouse looks like it was perfectly fine.In today’s paper here was a story about a man who was trying to fix up two victorian houses but wasnt fast enough to suit the city who then claimed they were public nuisances and condemned them. The city hired a wrecking contractor to demolish both homes,but not before the polcie arrested the owner off his roof where he was protesting the destruction of HIS property.

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