New identification?


On Saturday, I spoke to the ROM Walkers, the volunteers who lead walking tours around Toronto and environs, based at the Royal Ontario Museum.
They’re such a knowledgeable group, I’m not sure I told them much they didn’t already know.
While I often learn things when I give these talks, I came away with a huge prize on Saturday.
When I was talking about what fun it is to wander around the Queen’s Park legislature building and spot all the anonymous faces in the carved foliage, I showed the above picture.
Regina Virgo, the ROM Walkers’ leader, immediately said, “Laura Secord!”
And I think she’s right! I hadn’t considered that before, but I could see it almost immediately. Look at this common portrait of Secord, one of our heroes of the War of 1812, and tell me you don’t see the resemblance:

Thanks, Regina!

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