Radio days


I confess: I’ve been playing fast and loose with the facts. That Nordmende radio in the last post? It’s not mine. I don’t own it. It’s in Roxe’s basement in Ottawa.
This little yellow radio, however, is indeed mine. Although I put one in Roxe’s Christmas stocking many years ago. Gave one to Marge too but she could never get any reception in her old office at Virginia Tech. (Well, duh, Marge!) She was just going to leave it behind when she packed up her VT office before she moved west to the land of aspiring writers in Iowa City, but I grabbed it. So this might IN TRUTH be Marge’s ex-radio but it’s mine now.
It’s one of many radios, portable and otherwise, I own. (You can’t have too many radios.) If I start to run out of material to post, I might just inflict my full portfolio of radio sketches on you.

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