Naming rights (part 2)


Apologies, once again, to my worldwide fans, for the dearth of posts lately. I have been on the road for my day job, but hope to make up for it with some long-overdue information…

…starting with a “thanks” to Walt (of Crackskullbob) for his comment (under “And now for something completely different”) giving the most inventive attribution for “April is the cruellest month” I’ve ever read, replete with riffs on the Kennedy assassination and other events of the 1950s and 1960s.

…and “thanks” to the anonymous commenter who corrected some of the misinformation I posted about the New York Public Library.

Now to return to the issue of naming rights. Here is a picture of Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital (apologies for the light standards and other urban detritus obscuring the view, and the fact that the pic is ever-so-slightly out of focus):

Or is it Mount Sinai Hospital? The sign says it is also the “Joseph and Wolf Lebovic Health Complex.”

Or is it? On either side, we see that two wings are also named, for Isadore Sharp (left) and Lawrence S. Bloomberg (right). Close-ups here:

So whose building is it? What’s the name of this place?

Stay tuned.

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