University of Chicago: Gargoyle Central (part 2)


So I strolled along 57th Street from the Medici, truth to tell, looking for a pay phone so I could call a taxi to take me back to my hotel and then to the airport. (There didn’t seem to be any taxis just cruising by.) A cell phone was forced upon me by my sister last fall, but alas, it works in only Ontario and Quebec. (Yes, yes, it probably works elsewhere, but I haven’t figured out how.) When I arrived at Regenstein Library, I though, “Surely there will be a pay phone here.” Not so. But a kindly woman at the information desk let me call on her phone.
As I waited outside for a taxi that never showed, I noticed the U of C’s Hull Gate across the street, with its procession of undergraduate gargoyles, aspiring to the status of graduate.

Here is the terrified freshman. I almost looked like this when the taxi did not arrive. Then I became apoplectic. Then I grew resigned. I am still sitting outside Regenstein.

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