Gargoyles of Paris via Chicago


At the time of his death from a brain tumour in 2002, University of Chicago art historian Michael Camille was completing a book on the gargoyles of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. It’s said to be the first comprehensive history of these world-famous gargoyles – which most people think were part of the original building, construction of which began in the 12th century. In fact, they weren’t added until the building’s restoration in the 19th century.

I’ve been waiting and watching for its publication, so imagine my delight when I saw on that Monsters of Modernity: The Gargoyles of Notre Dame was scheduled for release this month. I checked the University of Chicago Press Website which also said its release was scheduled for fall of 2007, and then when I checked again, it showed a re-revised release date of January 2009.

The University of Chicago Press confirmed that there was “a significant delay in the production of Gargoyles of Notre Dame,” and that the current date they expect to receive stock is next January.

So I’ve pre-ordered my copy and you can expect to see a review here, whenever the book finally makes an appearance.

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