I’m not THAT Terry Murray


I noticed that yesterday my blog had 65 hits! Sixty-five! Virtually all were from California and few visitors spent more than a few seconds.
I suspect it’s because Terry Murray was in the news. Not me, but the Terry Murray who is the the former hockey player, who spent parts of eight seasons in the NHL, mainly with the Philadelphia Flyers but also with the Washington Capitals and the Detroit Red Wings.
He’s probably better known as a coach than as a player – and now it appears that he’s about to be named coach of the L.A. Kings. And all those fans thought this might be his blog, but they found out pretty quickly that it’s not.
For today, at least, it will be even easier to tell.

I know there are a lot of Terry Murrays out there – a surprising number (well, it surprised me) – including the retired CEO of Boston’s Fleet Bank and an Australian musician. There used to be a Terry Murray selling real estate here in Toronto, and a Terry Murray who worked in the Ontario Fire Marshal’s office. And others.
And then there’s me.
I guess when I run out of ideas for posts, I can run pictures and bios of all the other Terry Murrays.

6 thoughts on “I’m not THAT Terry Murray

  1. Anonymous

    Heh…I may have been following a link for THAT Terry Murray, but anyone who lists “gargoyle hunter” in their byline is okay by me. Have a great day!– LA Kings Fan (…who happens to like gargoyles)

  2. Sensational

    Awesome, I was born and raised too. I think. Leafs, Ugh. I hope the Sens fare better. Well, much better actually. Have a good one, and you can blame Greg Wynshynski for the extra traffic. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Well, I am another one of those Kings fans who has showed up here by “mistake”. I find it very ironic that I like gargoyles too. That’s at least two hockey fans that like gargoyles and we’re both Kings fans? Too strange! The best gargoyles I ever saw were in France and England. I just wish I had thought to take photos of them.Oh well, next time I visit there I will. You have a nice blog here and I am sure I will return here again, and it will be because I want to and not by “mistake”.Cheers,KingsFan19

  4. Hey KingsFan19,You’re welcome back any time! Glad you could stop by. Yes, it is curious that there are two gargoyle-loving Kings fans who commented here. As for the best gargoyles being in England and France – no question. They’re both Gargoyle Central. I especially like finding them in unexpected places… like Toronto. In Montreal, it’s like shooting fish – they’re all over. Ditto for Chicago. And Washington National Cathedral is a riot of them – including a Darth Vader gargoyle.Stay in touch,Terry

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