Rear window, part 3: Men in trees


The first of five weeks’ vacation – which I am spending at home, working on the Merle Foster book (about which, more later) – has just ended. As I puttered around this morning, I heard the sounds of shouting and some kind of machinery.
I wasn’t surprised seeing as there is construction going on at the corner (although I thought the heavy lifting was pretty much over) and for all I know, there is some going on at the other end of the street.
But when I moved to work in my study at the back of the house, it became clear what was going on. A truck drove slowly through the back lane, then stopped and a cherry picker rose up.

And lo, there was a man with a chain saw, lopping wayward branches from trees and tossing them to the truck below (occasionally getting them caught on hydro wires) where they were being fed to a wood chipper.
It made for intermittent entertainment over the course of about two hours, and a few good pictures.

Oh, and I guess that should be ” ‘man’ in trees.”

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