I am spending some time in and around Ottawa, and that included a visit to Kingsmere in Gatineau, Que., yesterday. That’s the former estate of our WWII-vintage prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King. The grounds have several of these “faux ruins” that King brought in during the 1930s, largely from buildings being demolished in Ottawa. Not much in the way of faces, but neat ruins.
More about this later since I’m using a temperamental dial-up connection.

I will only add, for now, that this has got to be the most photographed scene at Kingsmere – portraits taken through this now-empty window. In fact, this woman was telling her children as she tried to arrange them (there’s a third child you can’t see – I think he fell off the back and down into a field of choke cherries)that when they got home, she would show them the picture her parents took of her in the same spot.

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