Ben Franklin and Philly cheesesteak in… Boston?


Yes, I’m using a different background, mere weeks after resuming this blog. My sister Roxe, master genealogist, found this template and used it for her new blog, Genealogy PMP*, and I thought it was so cool that I decided to switch. I don’t know how it looks to you out there, but it’s pretty unimpressive on the screen of my ancient laptop.

Today’s picture is… you guessed it! Benjamin Franklin! (You knew that because of your familiarity with American hundred dollar bills, right?) This piece is on the front of a building on Milk Street in Boston that proclaims itself as Franklin’s birthplace. It was around the corner from my hotel in Boston, where I travelled last weekend for the Day Job — another infectious disease meeting, and another infectious disease meeting where I developed a respiratory infection that had me holed up in my hotel room for two days.

It was probably a combination of being sick, the vague similarity between two revolutionary war-era towns and… well, mostly being sick that made me very confused about where I was when I saw this building. Franklin’s image is all over Philadelphia. I never associated him with Boston. The room service menu in my hotel didn’t have chicken soup, which I craved (of course not! they had only chowdah!) but it did list Philly cheesesteak! (What kind of Boston hotel offers Philly cheesesteak? And no baked beans? Which I didn’t really want – I’m just saying.)

So, I was very confused about where I was – the virus, Franklin, Philly cheesesteaks. And staying in a hotel room for 48 hours straight can really mess with your head.

I was scheduled to come last night, which I did, but I was probably too congested to fly. I think I blew out my right ear. I’ll post again as soon as I can hear again.

*I know that “Genealogy PMP” looks like it needs an “i,” which would turn my sister into a genealogy p*mp. But PMP is the designation of someone who has been accredited by the Project Management Institute, and Roxe’s idea with the blog was to describe how she’s applying her well-honed project management skills to exploring our ancestry. She’s been working on this, on and off, for decades. It’s been a mostly discouraging effort, until just recently when she made all kinds of progress on virtually all fronts of our mongrel background – the Irish, Greeks and Germans. So, no p*mp jokes, okay? We’re the only ones who can do that.

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