The last of Vancouver


I’ve already posted most of the faces that I found on the Hotel Vancouver (sorry, The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver) – here and here.

But after posting the sculpture of George Vancouver’s ship Discovery yesterday, I had to finish off with this sculpture from the Georgia Street entrance of the hotel. (Actually, this is the third Hotel Vancouver on this site, at Georgia and Burrard. The Architects were John S. Archibald and John Schofield who began construction in 1928, and finished 11 years later, in time for the first Canadian visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.)

Above it is Hermes, the Greek messenger god who was also the god of commerce. (His Roman counterpart is Mercury.)

And here ends the faces I bagged while in Vancouver. There are more, but there is only so much hunting I can do when I’m travelling for the Day Job.

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