The lions of March (part 2)


More of Toronto’s architectural lions to mark the beginning of March…

Unfortunately, I don’t have much any information on the history of the buildings to which these fellows are attached.

I talked to the then-owner of the house that sports these lions, but none of the very detailed information she gave me squared with anything I later looked up. So just enjoy these not-terribly ferocious-looking felines:


This guy has graced this yellow building (which has been a variety of restaurants) for as long as I’ve been in Toronto, in the Yonge-Eglinton neighbourhood:


Here is a newer cat (judging from the relative newness of the house), in one of Toronto’s tonier ‘hoods:









And finally, the lion I am most curious about. This fellow and his brothers appear on a number of houses in North Toronto. They’re all made of cast stone, so are suffering varying degrees of erosion. But to get an idea of how really small they are, see how they barely register when you view the whole house. Maybe these are cowardly lions?









Tomorrow, some windy architectural sculpture…

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