Rear window


The “picture” I posted of our snow the other day was pretty lame. This might make up for it.
I was working in my home office on Monday. It looks out on the back of the house and although I was concentrating on what I was writing, I became aware, in my peripheral vision, of a flying white lump of something. It was an across-the-lane neighbour shovelling her snow.
Well, it wasn’t the neighbour — it was the snow she was shovelling.
When she was clearing the walkway between her house and the next-door one, she’d just heave each shovelful over the fence, and sometimes she’d achieve remarkable height.
This isn’t the best example of that, but it’s the best I could capture shooting through the window.
Today it rained and the temperature went above 0C. We still have lots of snow on the ground, but less than before.

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