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Are online sales down this year, or below expectations? If not, then why am I getting e-mail after e-mail, imploring me to buy more and more? And for myself?
On the 16th, I received the following from
“As someone who has shopped at, you might like to know it’s not too late to treat yourself to a little something to enjoy as you’re recovering from the holidays.
“Maybe you got everything on your holiday list taken care of early, and it’s time to relax with that mystery you’ve wanted to read or a few new DVDs.”
But it’s not just Amazon. I received a similar pitch from Dover, the publisher, yesterday!
The biggest gift-giving holiday of the year is about to happen and I’m supposed to buy *myself* stuff now? And to help me recover from the holidays that haven’t happened yet? Or to reward myself for finishing my shopping and decorating and baking early? Are they nuts? As if anyone is going to have time to read a book between now and Christmas! Unless they’re a recluse, shut-in, orphan, on welfare or on life support – and in all of those cases I’m sure a book or DVD is farthest from their minds.

P.S. The picture above is from San Francisco. I made a note of the building, but it’s not to hand and I am just too swamped getting the house ready for my sister’s* arrival to look it up. If you’re really interested in knowing the building, e-mail me and I’ll look it up for you… after Boxing Day.
*Not Marge, the sister whose Christmas present I read before mailing it to her. The visiting sister is Roxe, from Ottawa.

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