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I’m just back from four days in Iowa City at my sister’s wedding. I took more than 340 pictures at the wedding, rehearsal dinner, reception, visit to the county recorder’s office, etc., so forgive me if I post some pictures I took from 2002. (That was the year she moved to the Midwest. She had fibromyalgia or something like it at the time and wasn’t able to drive. So being the outstanding big sister that I am, I drove her (and her two cats and dog) from Blacksburg, Va., where she had been a math professor at Virginia Tech, to Iowa City where she was about to become a student again, in the University of Iowa’s creative non-fiction programme. Yay me! I deserve a medal but will get one only if I bestow it upon myself.)

I shot these pictures on that trip — the sculptures on the former Iowa City Press-Citizen building, which include methods of newsgathering (above; there’s a star on the map of the U.S. where Iowa City is), and these symbols of what goes on in Iowa City and environs:

This time I had other things to do in Iowa City than to contemplate the future of newspapers in particular and journalism in general, but as I post pictures of the sculpture on the buildings of other cities’ current (and defunct) newspapers, I may do some musing on those subjects as well.

4 thoughts on “Iowa City Press-Citizen

  1. Marge Murray

    Terry's generosity in driving me from Blacksburg, VA to Iowa City, IA in my hour of need is something for which I can never thank her enough. As soon as I complete my studies in metalsmithing and engraving I shall personally bestow the medal upon my outstanding big sister for all to see!Furthermore, Terry's generosity in taking more than 340 photographs of people she did not know, at what I presume is the very first same-sex wedding she has ever attended, deserves a medal—and then some.Terry is not only a magnificent writer, photographer, and art historian, but a fabulous big sister whose acts of selfless generosity I shall never be able to fully repay.

  2. I stumbled across this wonder too, but have not been able to discover an artist's name to attach to it. I email the paper but never got a reply. Perhaps your sister who lives there . . . …….? eek

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