San Antonio Express-News


This is the second in a series of pictures of sculpture on old newspaper buildings. This is the San Antonio Express-News building. While a star marks Iowa City on the map on the former Iowa City Press-Citizen building, one of the figures here is merely pointing to San Antonio’s location on this map. (See detail below, and click for larger)

The frieze, titled “Enlightening of the Press” and designed by sculptor Pompeo Coppini, allegorically describes the mission of a newspaper. The globe is connected to phone and telegraph wires representing news being communicated around the world. The six figures surrounding the globe represent Labour, Education, Knowledge (he’s the one whose finger points to Texas on the globe), Enlightenment, Truth and Justice.

I’m still on vacation, so speculation on the future of journalism in general or newspapers in particular will have to wait for another day. It’s too damned hot for serious thinking anyway.

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